Verde Aplaudido, Unipessoal, Lda. company with registered offices at Avenida 5 de Outubro, 100 - 1°. Oto B, Apartado 3089, 8135-101 Almancil fiscal number n°. 515741531, registered under the same number in the Commercial Registry of Louie, hereinafter "CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL".


A "CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL" is guided by total respect your privacy and value the relationship they have with the owners of the data (customers, employees, service providers, other entities/ stakeholders), hereinafter the "Data Holder". Our Data and Privacy Protection Policy is to expose objective in a clear and concise way the CASA VERDE INTERNATIO­NAL treat your personal data and ensures the privacy of your data.


To continue to develop the best services in the sector of renewable energies and environmental sustainability, providing our services to a level of excellence, we believe that the protection of your data is essential in the development and implemen­tation of our activities. To achieve this goal, and to make it completely clear and can contact us for any additional informa­tion, we believe the following information is essential:


- Responsible for the processing of their personal data;

- Principles applicable to the protection of your Personal Data;

- Personal Data, Data Processing and Personal Data Holder;

- Data category Personal the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL comes;

- Purposes for the processing of their personal data;

- Permissible Fundamentals;

- Shelf-life of your Personal Data;

- Sharing of Personal Data;

- International Transfers of Personal Data;

- Their rights and how to exercise them;

- The Data Protection Officer;

- Security of your Personal Data;

- confidentiality;

- Cookies;

- Contacts;

- Changes to this Data Protection Policy and Privacy.


 A. Responsible for the processing of your Personal Data


 CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL is Responsible entity for the treatment of your Personal Data that provides you services in the renewable energy sector and ecological sustainability, determining for the purpose, without limitation:

Personal data should be processed in connection with the provision of services;

Homes for which their personal data are processed; and,

the means to be used for the treatment of your Personal Data.


B. Principles for the Protection of Personal Data


The treatment of your Personal Data is conducted in accordance with the general principles set out in the General on Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and in accordance with Law 58/2019 to ensure the implementation in national law of GDPR, namely:


• In the context of the relationship with the data of the holder, the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL ensures that your personal data will be handled in a lawful manner, fair and transparent ("Principle of legality, fairness and transparency");


• The CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL collects your personal data for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further deals with the same data in a way incompatible with those purposes ("the purpose limitation principle ');


• The CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL ensures that only are treated the Personal Data adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed ("principle of data minimization ');


• CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL adopts appropriate measures to inaccurate Personal Data, taking into account the purposes for which they are processed, are erased or rectified without delay ("accuracy principle ');


• the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL retains Personal Data so that it can be identified only for the time necessary for the purposes for which they are processed ("conservation principle ');


• CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL ensures that your personal data are treated in a way that ensures their security, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against their loss, destruction or accidental damage, adopting the technical and organizational measures appropriate ("Principle of integrity and confidentiality ').


In addition, and although not expressly included in the GDPR, the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL proceeds to the processing of data through the application of technical and organizational measures to ensure data protection from the Design and Default, so your Personal Information is treated in accordance with the best measures from the time of their collection to their undoing.


C. Personal Data, Data Processing and Personal Data Holder


 Personal data are all information and / or elements, regardless of their support, the can identify or become identifiable, directly or indirectly, before the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, ID number, your location data and / or identifiers electronically or one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social.

Processing of Personal Data means the operation or set of operations performed on Personal Data Holders, through automated means or non-automated, from the collection of information to its destruction. Within this cycle, among others, include the recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, the or combination, restriction and deletion. The concept of Personal Data is quite extensive and will apply to all transactions or series of transactions carried out by CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL with reference to your personal data.

In the context of activities developed by CASA VERDE INTERNATIONALT the data of the holder is not limited to the and / or old customers, potential customers, investors, partners, job applicants, employees and former employees, partners, employees, suppliers, and service providers and their employees, applicants and complainants, visitors and individuals captured on CCTV images and all those individuals who maintain a relationship with CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL and to whom the Personal Data relates.

The CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL may collect personal data relating to minors, as provided by their parents or a legal guardian expressly consents that collection or when it is recalled through CCTV systems.


D. Data Category Personal the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL deals


In carrying out its activities, CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL proceeds to data treatment Personal of a significant number of Data Holders of categories.


Personal Data that CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL collects always depend on the nature of the interaction, but may include the following:


Identification info

Name, surname, civil identification number / passport number or similar identifying information, date of birth, number of user SNS, No Health subsystem, No sec. social, nationality, place of birth, signature.


Personal contact information

Postal address, telephone number or mobile phone, email address or other similar contact information.


Trade data for the provision of products and / or services

Data related to the provision of services or and / or products, billing data, payment data and / or information in response context to any questions, requests or complaints.


Payment information, billing, order and financial assets

Tax Identification Number (TIN), bank identification number / IBAN, financial institution, financial, income, assets or other related information.


Data of family life

Family status, household data, marital status or other family related information.


Of professional data

employment status, employment history, training, awards, diplomas, or other information related training.


Demographic data

Country, sex, age, language, as well as data of general interest in the job.


Data from social networks

Information shared on social networks in interaction with CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL where it is ensured transparency through the provision of adequate privacy policies.


IT usage data

user ID, functions, duties, hours of logon, computer name and IP address.


 We reaffirm that is not required to share their personal data with the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL. However, if you choose not to share your personal information, in some cases, CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL You may be unable to provide the services or supply the products you want, ensure certain specialized features or effectively respond to any questions you may have.


E. Purpose for the treatment of your Personal Data


The development and implementation of the various activities pursued by CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL mean the existence of a relevant set of specific purposes, explicit and legitimate for the processing of your personal data, such as:


Provision of Health Services

Management of the Medical Staff;

Client management,


Management accounting, tax and administrative

Client management;

Management of suppliers / service providers;

Administrative management;

Economic and accounting management;


Commercial Activity and Marketing

Contact Management;

Customer management for the provision of services and / or supply of products CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL;


Opinion polls and surveys;


Call Recording

Proof of the contractual relationship;

Monitoring the quality of care;



fleet management service and cargo protection;


Capture and Image Recording Device for CCTV

Video surveillance for the safety of persons and property


Access Control Management

Access control for the protection of persons and property


Human resource Management

Personnel selection and recruitment

Human resource Management


Management of Electronic Communications

Management of the use of websites and applications

Retention of traffic data / location


Legal Obligations of compliance Transfer of data to third parties

Transfer of data to third parties


F. Fundamentals Permissible


By reference to the "Principle of Legality" enshrined in the current data protection laws and future, in the development and implementation of its activities, CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL only treats your personal data when there is one of the following lawful foundation that legitimates the treatment, namely:



The CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL only treat your Personal Information to allow the appropriate treatment through a manifestation of will, freely given specific, informed and explicit, for which accepts, by a declaration (written or oral) or clear positive act (by filling an option), that their Personal Data Treatment object.


Pre-contract due diligence or performance of a contract

CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL may handle your personal data if they are necessary, but not limited to the execution of a contract for the provision of services and / or supply of products in which it is part as Employee, Customer and / or Supplier, or make pre-contractual steps at their request, the latter with a maximum of 6 months.


Compliance with a legal obligation

CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL may treat your Personal Data to ensure and guarantee compliance with legal obligations to which it is subject under the laws of a Member State and / or the European Union.


Defense of vital interests of the Data Holder

A CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL may treat your Personal Data to ensure the defense of its vital interests, particularly when the same treatment is essential to your life.


Legitimate interests

A CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL, other responsible third parties or may treat your Personal Data extent that such treatment does not prevail on their interests or fundamental rights and freedoms.


G. term storage of your Personal Data


THE CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL retains your Personal Information only for the time needed to implement the specific purposes for which it was collected. However, CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL It may be required to retain some personal data for a longer period, taking into account factors such as:


• Legal obligations under the laws in force, to retain Personal Data for a certain period;

• limitation periods, under the laws in force;

• Disputes (if any); and,

• Guidelines issued by the competent data protection authorities.


During the treatment period of your Personal Data, the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL It ensures that they are treated in accordance with this Data Protection Policy and Privacy. Once your data is no longer needed, the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL shall disposal safely.


H. Sharing Your Personal Data



Entities providing services such as: insurance, private security, computer support, audits, technical and operational;

Collaborating entities CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL under the protocols signed;

related entities, or joint management with the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL;

Entities to whom the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL provides services;

Public entities and Judiciary, Criminal Police and Administrative Authorities organs.



Your Personal Information may be shared with companies in charge of providing the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL services.

The responsible companies providing services are linked to CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL written contract, just being able to treat your Personal Information for the purposes specifically established and are not allowed to treat their personal data, directly or indirectly, for any other purpose in their own benefit or third.


Other Responsible and / or Third

Your Personal Information may be shared internally with other companies belonging to the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL group to comply with the data protection rules in terms of the related purposes the treatment performed.

At your request and with your consent, your Personal Information may be shared with other entities.

In compliance with legal and / or contractual, Personal Data may also be transmitted to the judicial authorities, administrative, supervisory or regulatory and yet to entities conducting lawfully, data collection actions, actions to prevent and combat fraud, market research or statistical.


I. International Data Transfers Personal


THE CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL You may transfer your personal data outside the European Economic Area ( "EEA") to locations that can not guarantee the same level of protection.

However, CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL just transfer your Personal Data outside the EEA:

• Through binding rules for companies CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL (Binding corporate rules);

• When the transfer is made to a location or by a method or circumstances that the European Commission considers ensure adequate protection of their personal data;

• When you have implemented standard terms of data protection adopted by the European Commission or by the competent data protection authority; or,

• When none of the above apply, but nevertheless, the law authorizes such transfer, for example, if it is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

You can request detailed information about the security measures that the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL has implemented regarding personal data transfers outside the EEA and, where applicable, a copy of the standard terms of data protection in force at CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL through email:


J. Rights of the holder


You have the right to ask the controller, access to personal data concerning him, as well as their rectification or its deletion, and the limitation of the treatment as it relates to the data subject, or the right to oppose treatment, and the right to data portability through the following email:;

Without prejudice to any other means of administrative or judicial remedy, the data subject has the right to also file a complaint to the DPA / National Commission Data Protection) or other relevant supervisory authority under the law, if it considers that its data is not being legitimate object of treatment by the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL in accordance with applicable law and this Privacy Policy.


K. The Data Protection Officer


 THE CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL proceeded to appoint a charge of personal data protection, which assumes a fundamental role within the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL in monitoring the data processing activities and ensuring the respective legal compliance.

May at any time, in writing, contact the person in charge of data protection CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL for any issues related to data protection and privacy via e-mail


L. Security of your Personal Data


Your Personal Data will be treated by CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL in the context of the purposes identified in this Privacy Policy, according to the policy and the internal rules of CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL and using the techniques and appropriate measures to promote organizational respective security and integrity, including in relation to the unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data and on the respective loss, destruction or accidental damage.

Without limiting the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL uses logical and physical security requirements and measures to ensure the protection of their personal data through unauthorized access prevention, ensures that the information storage is done on secure computers in a closed information center and certified and that the data is encrypted whenever possible, implement procedures for auditing and monitoring to ensure compliance with security and privacy policies and periodically review our security policies and procedures to ensure that systems CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL They are safe and secure.

However, given that the Internet information transmission is not completely secure, CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL can not guarantee the security of their data when transmitted over an open network.


M. Confidentiality


 CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL acknowledges that the information provided by the Data Holder may be confidential. CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL does not sell, rent, distribute or commercially available or otherwise the Personal Data to any third party, except in cases when you need to share information with service providers for the purposes set out in this Data Protection Policy Privacy. CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL preserve the confidentiality and integrity of your data and protect them in accordance with this Data Protection Policy and Privacy and all applicable laws.


Cookies N.


THE CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL resorts the cookies to collect information about the use of the website. When using the website, the CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL treats your Personal Data collected through the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. For more information about the use of cookies, we recommend reading and analysis of Cookies Policy and regulate the same query to verify the most current versions.


O. Contacts


If you have any questions or want more information about how we treat your Personal Information or about our practices in information security, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following contact addresses:


Verde Aplaudido, Unipessoal, Lda., Avenida 5 de Outubro, 100 - 1st. Dto B, Apartado 3089, 8135-101 Almancil or by email:


P. Changes to this Data Protection Policy and Privacy


The CASA VERDE INTERNATIONAL may periodically update this Data Protection and Privacy Policy, and any other data protection declaration and specific privacy. When making changes to this Data Protection and Privacy Policy, will be added a new date at the start of Data Protection and Privacy Policy.



Last updated: 14/01/2020

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